Where to Meet Women: 5 Excellent Places

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Where to meet women is a question that most single men would love to know the answer to. Our social environment has been, and will continue to change, so keeping up with where to meet women is a great head start on finding that potential girlfriend. With all of the new options people have to meet other people, going to bars and clubs isn’t always the best way to meet single women looking for boyfriends.


Schools are one of the best places you could go to find single women who are looking for a relationship. Due to the high amount of women attending most schools, it’s almost impossible not to interact with a woman on a daily basis. If you are not currently going to school, you could always volunteer at a local college or try to join their clubs or committees. Although not all women are going to be single, finding and interacting with them is always more experience gained.

Social Events

These are another great way to meet women. Meeting someone through a mutual friend or family member gives you an advantage because they automatically have more trust in you. You would think that since you met someone through a mutual friend, you would have something in common, same with women. So always keep a look out when going out with friends and family members, because those are great places where to meet women.

Bars and clubs

If you are just looking for a fun time or a small fling, than bars and clubs might be your solution. Since everyone is usually drinking and in a good mood, you have a great opportunity to buy women drinks, ask them to dance, or just start a good conversation. These places are not known as great places to find actual relationships, but have a good success rate on taking women home for a small fling.

Online Dating Web Sites

If you haven’t tried a Dating website yet, then you should really look into it. They are now one of the highest used relationship starting strategies out there. When you join most dating websites, they will have you complete personality analysis to help match you with other compatible women. You will be able to go through the women’s profiles and determine if you would like to get to know them. If you decide you would like to interact with her, send her a message! Dating websites are an excellent place where to meet women because of the flexibility the internet gives you.

Gym and Sport Clubs

Joining a gym or sport clubs will be a great way to meet women. Most large gyms have classes that you can sign up for and attend that will allow you to interact with women who are interested in the same classes. You can then start a relationship and work out together and see where the relationship goes from there. The same strategy applies to sport clubs, after you meet someone you like, ask them if they would like to practice the sport with you on a regular basis. Not only will you get in more shape, but will meet women that have the same activity interests as you.

And there you have it, 5 excellent places where to meet women.

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