Top 5 Tips to Attract Women

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When it comes to playing the dating scene, many men are a little clueless on what it takes and would like some tips how to attract women; even the pros could use some advice from time to time. Some of them may seem like things you already knew, but if you aren’t doing them to their fullest, they may not bring you great results.

Best 5 Tips How to Attract Women-

1. Be confident: Women are much more likely to be attracted to you if you are sure of yourself, and confident in your actions. As long as you maintain your confident air, women will be much more likely to take notice of you; you don’t have to be a male model for women to be interested. Women want a man who is confident in their own skin, and can be just as confident to show a lady off on their arm.

2. Remember good hygiene: This may seem like something simple, but the way you groom yourself will have a great impact on the way other people, especially women, perceive you. Think about it this way, would you rather go out with a woman with smooth hair, brushed teeth, and neat clothes? Or would you choose another woman who didn’t seem to care much about her appearance? It’s not about being drop dead gorgeous, it’s about being clean and neat.

3. Be social: Women aren’t going to notice you if you don’t spend some time talking to them. You need to take the time to go around and make polite conversation with the people around you, even if you don’t know them. Being the quiet guy in the corner makes you seem boring, and being social gives you the better impression of being fun and desirable to have around.

4. Be caring and considerate: Movies will often make it seem cool to be rude or loud around women, or show off to draw their attention. This is, honestly, the last thing that any man should do. Who wants to hang out with a jerk? Women want to be treated properly, cared for; they don’t want to be living constantly in the shadow of a man who thinks he’s better than she is. It’s important to display these qualities if you want women to pay any attention to you.

5. Listen to what she says and respond: Most of the time, when it comes to getting a woman to be attracted to you, it is best to just show that you care about what she has to say, and reply to anything that should be answered. Women want someone to listen to them, and want to hear them talk more. To some men, it can seem a chore to actually pay attention, but it’s worth it in the end because women will be much more likely to be attracted to you.

If you follow these easy five tips how to attract women (and trust me, they’re not that hard to do, even if it may seem that way at first), the results will be limitless. Women are sure to come flocking to you, and you’ll always have a date when you want one. These are the very best top five tips how to attract women.

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