Places to Meet Girls

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When many people think of great places to meet girls, the places that come to mind mostly are bars, shopping malls or coffee shops, but there are other great places one can meet a girl of their dream. You need to approach her in a place where she is relaxed and receptive to meeting you.

1. Meet a girl in a health class- Many girls like taking care of their bodies and you are most likely to meet a girl there. Enroll in one of those classes as this will also impress her as she will know that you like taking good care of your body. Many girls nowadays don’t like being approached in bars and a healthy class is an ideal place to meet a girl.

2. Another one of great places to meet girls is in a bank. Being in a bank can sometimes be tedious and boring. To meet a girl in a bank, approach her and engage her in a conversation. She will find something to keep her busy as she waits to be served. Ensure that you have an interesting topic to talk to her about. Give her a chance to talk also, avoid talking too much as this will put her off and make her want to run away from you. Offer to get her some water or maybe queue for her. She will appreciate and most likely give you her contacts when you are nice to her.

3. Parks- Girls enjoy strolling in the park to get fresh air and to get a breather from their busy lives. You are most likely to meet a girl who will like you at the park. Don’t approach any girl if you see, but take your time and look for a girl you like and who you find attractive. Strike a conversation with her, you could ask her how she finds the park or about the weather. Just ensure that you are not boring or don’t look desperate.

4. Other great places to meet girls are gyms- Girls like looking good and in shape and the gym will offer a good avenue for meeting girls. Girls also like men who take care of their bodies and who strive to keep fit. Show off your six packs as girls like this a lot. You could offer to help her where possible. After some visits to the gym, offer to take her out for a cold drink and maybe get her number.

5. Sports clubs or arenas- Some girls enjoy watching games and a sports club will prove to be a good avenue for meeting women. If her team loses offer to console her and she might become interested in you since women like men who they feel can take care of them.

6. Cookery, painting or dance classes- Many girls join these classes as they like doing what they enjoy. Joining a cookery or dance class will help you meet girls. Girls also get attracted to guys who seem to have the same hobbies as they have.

There are many choices and great avenues and depends on where the guy finds best when it comes to choosing great places to meet girls.

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