How to Talk to Girls

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“How to talk to girls” – Scientists have always striven hard to find the origin of the Universe. Not many guys care about that. Though, most of them do want to know one thing that has been lying unanswered since ages. This mind-boggling situation has remained the most critical aspect in every one’s life. And we definitely have the answer backed with an amazing technique known to the rest of the World as ‘persuasive talking’. Because after all, it is not what you say to a girl but how you say it that matters in the end. Life is full of surprises, and we should be prepared to surprise a girl every now and then. Even the best of the lines about ‘how to talk to girls’ cannot get you talking with them if those are not blended well with your tone and body language.

So what is exactly this thing ‘persuasive talking’? Well, it is more like an art that is designed to influence or convince the listener into doing what the speaker wants. And it well said that artists don’t do injustice to their job. You should show the inherent stubbornness that you possess. Do not let the girl think she is right. Girls do like occasional healthy arguments and that indeed carries the conversation forward. This is the first basic criteria to succeed in the art of how to talk to girls. The other most important aspect is to maintain that eye contact for as long as you can. It is a symbol of confidence. It defines your personality; who you are, what you are capable of. Remember, if she stays onto you with her eyes, move forward and strike a subtle conversation. This is definitely going to do wonders for you. You have to simply apply the fundamentals of strategic compromise. Do not give up on your main point but do give her that little leverage to make her feel comfortable and accepted. Once you have mastered this aspect of how to talk to girls, then nobody can stop you from reaching the level of perfection.

Later, you should implement some simple steps. Ask her a question. This will put her on the defensive. The answers will keep the conversation going. Keep interjecting when they answer. It keeps the whole mood healthy. And when you are running out of talks, put in the statements strategically. Like saying ‘I love the ambience here!’ will expect the girl to share her views on the ambience. How to talk to girls is simplified to a great extent with this strategy. Most often than not, there will be a reply to such statements. Remember, in the end it will not just be the talks but the way you talk will matter. So be comfortable in whatever you do and be relaxed when you approach your next girl in a party or a park or a mall. And remember the mantra called persuasive talking! Once you have understood these simple techniques, you have learnt how to talk to girls.

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