How to Pick Up Girls

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How to pick up girls is one thing most guys often want to get right. Some get it right, most never get it and end up making a fool out of themselves when they try. Picking up girls can be fun and exciting if only guys would observe these very important factors outlined below.

Be Ready Always

You are most likely to encounter beautiful and hot looking girls as you go about your daily activities whether you are working, shopping, taking a stroll in the neighborhood or the park, doing a transaction at the bank, walking your dog and so on. Most great pickups occur during these odd times since the women don’t expect them and they will therefore feel more flattered. It is therefore important to always be ready to start that small casual talk anytime, which may end with an exchange of contacts, a sure sign of a near future meeting.

Loose the pickup lines

How to pick up girls will remain a mystery to you if you keep spewing the pickup lines. If you want to avoid the scenario where a girl will roll her eyes at you while looking disinterested, and then avoid using those cliché pickup lines which are often dumb-sounding anyway. Start a casual conversation with small talk and include a sincere positive compliment on how she looks at some point in your conversation when you have captured her interest. If she starts talking back, listen to her, girls love men who listen to them.

Be Polite

Politeness is paramount when it comes to how to pick up girls. Mind your language during a conversation to avoid coming off as crude or offensive. Keep her interested and if she smiles or laughs at what you say, then you have definitely scored.

Avoid Lies

Lies should never be included when it comes to how to pick up girls. Be open about your intentions, but at the same time note that honesty and bluntness are two different things. Do not give the impression that you intend a long-term relationship with her while you are just out to have a good time. Neither should you ever imply that you are only interested in a fling with her and nothing more because that kind of bluntness is a sure girl chaser! Be subtle even if that is your intention but remain clear about your intentions in a way that will not make the girl misunderstand or feel demeaned, you will need every ounce of the player in you for this one.

Look Presentable

It might sound like a cliché, but looks play a great part in reflecting a guy’s personality or attitude. Girls appreciate good-looking guys and are more likely to show more interest because your looks are definitely beckoning at them. You don’t have to be handsome, you only need to get your attire right and exude confidence, and you are good to go.

Be confident, never fear rejection

Expect rejection and know how to deal with it when it comes. Accept it gracefully and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Let your body language project confidence keep your shoulders upright, gait steady and maintain eye contact. Keep your voice calm and controlled; you are the one doing the picking up; exude all the hallmarks of the great guy that you definitely are. Let her see a man and not a boy! If you are confident, the chances of a rejection are minimal.

Keep at it

Always analyze your previous pickups whether successful or not and look for flaws which should be corrected as you embark on your next pick up mission. The more you keep trying, the better you get when it comes to the art of how to pick up girls.

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