How to Get a Girlfriend Who Matches Your Requirements

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The world is regarded as a very friendly place where more than seven billion people exist. However, it is really very difficult to find your ideal partner. People have been asking the same question over and over – How to get a girlfriend? Some say improve your social networking status, some say dress up like a macho, some regard waiting till the end and some asks you to approach girls at random. But precisely speaking, none of the above guarantees you with a girlfriend; they are only suggestions that may work in certain cases.

Getting a girlfriend is like fishing, you need to have patience and wait for the right indications. When you find someone who looks pretty and adorable to you make sure you walk up to her and have a small formal chat. If you are in a party, then just introduce yourself to her and ask for some minor help, or if you see her in a public place, walk up to her and ask her about some directions or time. Make sure that you keep your conversation short but effective. Do not make a blunder by running to your mates and asking them about how to get a girlfriend. This may result into an unnecessary publicity that can damage the fragile relationship.

Maintaining a good sense of humor is implied in such conditions as it would make her comfortable. Track her routine schedule and try for a second meeting. Meet her at some place and behave as if it was an accident, then talk to her for some time, thank her for helping you out earlier and ask her for a coffee in a nearby cafe. If she agrees, forget about the considerations for how to get a girlfriend as you are already on the verge of getting one. Adversely, is she denies, ask her for some other day with grace. She definitely cannot avoid this proposal. Never ever ask her about her contact number, let her trust you and set a proposal for number exchange.

While having a talk with her, do not jump onto the topic of love immediately. Just give her time to know you better and keep her occupied by your humorous nature. Let her find that you are really very interesting. If possible do not waste your time in reading books that educate you on how to get a girlfriend, rather search for some interesting information and share it with her in your next meeting.

After you are done with a couple of meetings, slowly move to some loving thoughts. The best way to start would be telling her love stories of your friends. It would have a soft spark in your developing relationship too. But then do not get immersed in love immediately and quickly move on to your humorous side by telling her some blunders which your friends made while considering how to get a girlfriend. Once the relationship is about four to five months old and both of you know each other well, it is time to ask for a date where you propose her in the most gracious manner. It will not only fill your life with happiness but also culminate the question of how to get a girlfriend.

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