Facts on How to Pick Up Girls

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How to pick up girls is a question that many men long to get an answer. Everywhere in the world, women turn 18 every year and that is why there are always young single women to pick up. Don’t just think that there is only particular place for picking up girls. You can find them anywhere, including the streets, hospitals, funerals, library, etc.

How to pick up girls in different areas cannot be the same and you have to start your approach in an area which you feel comfortable such as your favorite hangout sports, there you are well conversant with the layout of the place and what happens there. Seducing a girl there will be much easier when you are meeting her for the first time and you are new to this. After the first success you will evolve to know how to do this in more ambiguous settings.

You should note that all ladies are the same. A 21 year-old girl is the same as 40 year-old lady when it comes to how to pick up girls and talking to them. Sometimes you may want to approach a very beautiful lady and for a strange reason you are feeling very inferior, there you have to build your conversational Confidence by approaching first more ugly chicks at first. And if you have a problem of stringing coherent words together while talking to women, you can read some stories in the library such as that of Carnegie’s classic “how to win friends and influence people”

In how to pick up girls you have to put into consideration the ambiance of your surroundings. The beach will be different from when you are in a funeral or a night club. Have different styles in the different occasion and plan your talk.

Your first words is like a bill board, put in the headline of a newspaper. To grasp the girl attention, you have to ensure that your first few words can intrigue her enough to take action or respond to your words. Newspaper headlines should be able to intrigue you, and if it does not, then the newspaper will fetch very little.

A better way in how to pick up girls is to know your area of stay at all time and let the environment work for you. There are two schools of thoughts here. One of them takes account your environment and comment on what is going on around you, asking the girl a question, based on what she is doing, your environment or what has just happened.

The second school of thought is where you break the ambiance and stand out. You can stand in a crowded theater and shout something like “fire” and there you will stand. This sometime against the law and also is done in a very bad state.

Wearing so outstanding attire would also enable you to be noticeable and attract many ladies.

Never ask them inane or open-ended questions while talking to them if you want to pick up girls.

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