8 Tips to Get Laid

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Skin desires to be touched and each of us loves to create a friction between skins. Men all over the world loves to be Adonis and women wishes to become the incarnation of Agna. But many of us fail to get laid, the reason may vary from person to person, but you will feel like cursing the day you were born during these failures. If you are ready to follow the tips how to get laid, trust me, your first sweet time is not far away.

1) Be a good boy with some naughty flair: Females love good guys, but they love guys with some naughty flair as well. A rare blend of these two characters will surely make you a Casanova of the 21st century. Many females love tickling and naughtiness during the time of their bed and they will be waiting for freaky encounters. Witty one liner humor will be an added advantage as women love men who talk beautifully. When you meet together, do fun things which the girl doesn’t expect from any other guy under the sky. Don’t try to act as a total dick, it may spoil all your chances.

2) Be Charismatic: Confidence and Charisma are two vital factors which play a crucial role in your attempts to get laid. You have to mold your behavioral patterns according to women’s taste and this will help you reach your goal quickly. Hold her hip while entering a scene and see how it turns her whole mood.

3) Try to stay in control: Women love men who stick and follow their plans. Try to be punctual, whatever it may be, a date or a meaty encounter. This will help you take the clothes off her in the bedroom like a gentleman.

4) Try to be mysterious: Don’t vomit all your personal things to a girl whom you love to have on bed. Try to be different and hold some things back which people consider elegant. If the girl comes to know about this after some days, she will be much more impressed.

5) Try to have a life of your own: Men who are very much successful with women seem to be having a strong personal life. This will create a need in the women’s mind and she will follow you rather than you are spending all the time smelling her.

6) Flatter your partner: Believe it or not, flattery can create magic for you. Try to flatter your partner with beautiful one liner. But do not use creepy lines. E.g., Flattering line: You have such charismatic eyes.

Creepy Flattering Line: Your genitals are awesome and it is attracting me.

7) Be good-looking: Nobody in the world is ugly. But some people will be having a natural face which attracts more people to the bed. If you are such a guy, try to hone your beauty.

8) Express your wish nicely: Honest is the best policy. If you want to get laid, you have to express your wish to the partner in a nice way. This requires sheer expertise, but try to take a chance.

Attracting a girl to your bed is not an easy task. It requires time, patience and skills. If you follow the tips how to get laid, it will be an added merit on your way to seduce a girl. ‘Follow these steps and unleash the Adonis in you”.

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